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by churches

for churches

Started by church leaders for church leaders.

Vive was born out of a church just like yours. One with needs, budget constraints and a vision to change their community. By partnering with other local churches our first team designed a system that can work to serve thousands. We believe in you and we're here to help.

creativity matters

We work hard to find the absolutely best creative minds in the world to participate in what we do.

Church creativity matters. We're always on the hunt for creative minds and artists. And we are always focused on designing our internal culture and rhythms to keep the best art coming for everyone.

Leadership Team

Aaron Rountree
CEO - Owner
Anthony Domine
CMO - Marketing
Meagan Rountree
COO - Operations
Dustin Cooper
CAO - Art
Josh Whiting
CBO - Branding
Jacqueline Perez
Social Director

our mission

serve + support the local church

This is our heartbeat. Our why. We believe in the local church. And you.

You've got more important things to do for your community than worry about the hundreds of graphics and videos your church needs. Let us do that so you can cast your vision and pastor your people.

The Process

How do we help, step by step

Sign Up + Start

Sign Up + Start

Pick your package, sign up and we start building your team.

Onboarding Clients


What are your goals? 
What styles do you like? What do you need?

Mood Board

Mood board

Design direction for feedback



We start delivering content for you and recieving feedback.

Ride off into the sunset

Ride off into the sunset

We deliver killer creative work for you and your church and work together forever : )