Church Facebook Ads Made Simple!

Joe Chavez

Church Facebook Ads Made Simple!

Church Facebook Ads Made Simple!

Key Takeaways from This Episode

● 50/50 Method - How to maximize your church’s social media presence

● How to get started using Facebook ads the RIGHT way! (Be sure to check out the INCREDIBLE story Joe shares at the 32-minute mark, and the YouTube episode he mentions at this link!)

● Church Marketing 2020 - Using Facebook ads to build relationships with NEW PEOPLE!

● 5 Step Facebook Marketing flow for churches

Today’s episode is crammed full of content that, if implemented, WILL change your church’s approach to social media for the better. I’m not going to tell you not to dive into Facebook ads but even if you only implement the value-adding, relationship-based info Aaron and Joe talk about, you’ll see an improvement in the connectedness of your followers.

Today’s guest is Joe Chavez, formerly of Elevation church, founded to provide ridiculous value to churches. His marketing course and willingness to help the church community are second to none and his experience and expertise are more than worth your time.

There’s a lot of value packed into a short amount of time in this episode, and if you are truly passionate about impacting your community and the world for Christ, this episode will unlock ideas and opportunities you won’t get anywhere else.

For more from Joe, you can check out For more from Vive Media Co., I’d encourage you to check out our Facebook group, the Vive Tribe. It’s full of valuable info and church creatives that want to help you grow your organization.

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