Websites, Social Media, and Apps Oh My!

Levi Jones

Websites, Social Media, and Apps Oh My!

Websites, Social Media, and Apps Oh My!

Key Takeaway’s from This Episode:

• You don’t have to take a course to rock it

• Digitally reaching multiple demographics

• Should you have a church app?

Listen, you can completely rock at a career and in a field that you don’t have any formal training in. Wanna know how I know? Because today’s podcast guest is doing just that. We cover all sorts of topics ranging from how to grow IN ANY AREA without going to school or investing money in courses, how to use technology to reach churched AND unchurched people in your community simultaneously, and why you need to consider leveling up your church app (it’s easier than you think)!

Today’s guest is Levi Jones from Tithely and we cover everything I mentioned above and so much more. It’s a fresh conversation from a product designer’s perspective and offers some unique outlooks on how we can do better as church leaders.

So, brew up a fresh cuppa coffee, kick back, and enjoy today’s episode with Levi!

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