Rap, Storytelling, & Engaging with Culture

Gospel Lee

Rap, Storytelling, & Engaging with Culture

Rap, Storytelling, & Engaging with Culture

Key Takeaways from This Episode

• Storytelling - A vital part of your responsibility as a minister
• 2 lenses to view your sermons and church content through

1. Are we grammatically correct and socially relevant?
2. Who are we talking to? Are our communications aligned with as many people as possible?

•The power (and necessity) of listening even if it’s uncomfortable

Well, I hope you brought your scuba gear because today we’re going DEEP. Our topics range from storytelling in the church context to effective, “Christ-centered” responses to social justice.

Today’s guest is Gospel Lee, Creative Storyteller at Battlecreek Church in Tulsa and creator of “quality hip-hop your mom would be proud of.” His ability to bring cultural relevance to communications while creating “re-engagement points” for people provides incredible insight that can help your church connect with people better. Whether you are looking for insights on storytelling in the church world, handling social justice conversations as Christ would, or how to ensure that your church communications are on point, this is the episode for you!

For more from Gospel, you can find him on Instagram (@gospellee). To collaborate on a spoken word or rap for your next project, email him at gospel@battlecreekchurch.com. For more from Vive Media Co., I’d encourage you to check out our Facebook group, ​the Vive Tribe​. It’s full of valuable info and church creatives that want to help you grow your organization.

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