Digging a Well With Digital Evangelism

Haley Veturis

Digging a Well With Digital Evangelism

Digging a Well With Digital Evangelism

Key Takeaway’s from This Episode:

• Three simple tactics for massive impact on social media
• A simple perspective shift that will “level up” your messaging
• Digging the social media well before you are thirsty

If you are burnt out, busted, and disgusted when it comes to social media, welcome to the club!

Today’s episode is a breath of fresh air and sheds some light on ways that you can simplify your approach to focus on connection and impact rather than “keeping up with the megachurch down the street.”

Our guest is Haley Veturis, the director of digital engagement at Bayside. With a history including seminary and social media management for Saddleback before landing in her current role, Haley’s experience and approach will provide insights and direction for ministers at all levels.

If you are looking for how to connect more deeply with your social media messaging or are not sure how to get started “digging the well,” take half of your lunch break and have a listen. You won’t regret it!

For more from Haley, follow her over on Instagram (@haleyveturis). For more from Vive Media Co., follow Aaron on Instagram (@aaron_rountree) and check out our Facebook group, ​the Vive Tribe​. It’s full of valuable info and church creatives that want to help you grow your organization.

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