Your Design Sucks with Reuben Rohard

Reuben Rohard

Your Design Sucks with Reuben Rohard

Your Design Sucks with Reuben Rohard

Key Takeaway’s from This Episode:

• Two life-saving tools for designers
• Why cross-platform creativity increases creativity
• The importance of message over design

We live in a world of design, and not all of it’s great.

Fortunately, today we’re talking with an incredible designer that’s going to offer insights that aren’t just for design. See, we’re in a world where you can’t just focus on “the obvious.” You have to take the time to go beyond what appears important on the surface... In previous episodes, that’s been digital relationships over social media stuff. Today, it’s the impact of your message over the pizzazz of design.

Our guest is Reuben Rohard, the incredible designer behind @designbyreuben on Instagram. Having made the transition from music to videography to design, his approach is refreshing, creative, and impactful due to the multi-platform creativity he brings to everything he does.

If you enjoy design or have been recruited into service as a designer due to our current world events, welcome! Today’s episode will give you some ideas on the principles, approach, and a couple of solid tools that can help you approach design from a more informed perspective.

For more from Reuben, follow him over on Instagram (​@designbyreuben​) or on his website​. For more from Vive Media Co., follow Aaron on Instagram (@aaron_rountree) and check out our Facebook group, ​the Vive Tribe​. It’s full of valuable info and church creatives that want to help you grow your organization.

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