Community Building and Digital Evangelism

Katie Allred

Community Building and Digital Evangelism

Community Building and Digital Evangelism

Key Takeaway’s from This Episode:

• Why digital evangelism is so important
• The important of mission-minded community
• DON’T tell people to “just Google it”

We’re in this together!

This brave (really?) new world of digital evangelism, discipleship, and ministry is an interesting one and the pitfalls around us abound more and more. This is why it’s so important for church leadership, creatives, and marketers to come together and pursue a unified approach.

Today’s guest is Katie Allred from Church Communications and the creator of the Church Communications group on Facebook that numbers nearly 30,000 members strong. In this episode, we discuss everything from the power and necessity of digital evangelism, the importance of mission-minded community, and why you should hop off the “just Google it” bandwagon.

No matter where you are at in your church communications journey, there are answers, community and insights available to you. This podcast is an example, Katie’s group is another, and we’d love to hear those that you’ve found work best for you!

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